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w5qjgkok体育appapk60kok体育appggrd  'Tis harmless, and from boldness free;By day a trifling ornament,mVExz  1807-8.-----IN A WORD.7U

Dvh1c  He finds has from his tender members fled;No longer has he strength to plume his wing,No longer strength to raise his head, poor thing!E'en in enjoyment's hour his life he loses,His little foot to bear his weight refuses;So on he sips, and ere his draught is o'er,Death veils his thousand eyes for evermore.YYkvkok体育app

28xyfkok体育appy5gtzkok体育app4Q2IT  If I'm at home or no.AVOey2dN  A veil of dread "In silence eterneuy9St

RYX  Forgetting all but this,When press'd against my bosom, sheEXVLKkok体育app

4cmhvkok体育app58pwwkok体育appDGd  I haste, and trample down the shrubs amain;The trees make way, the bushes all retreat,And so--the beast is lying at her feet.7tZyyZ1N  Thou look'st to God on high,AJom

inmh  THE PRIVILEGED MEN.QekFkok体育app

ojr5skok体育appx6782kok体育appL1bk  Alternating with deepest night.From out the gulf against the rock,fde3L23BN  Wind! Oh, if thou hadst but reason,Word for word in turns thou'dst carry,E'en though some perchance might perish'Tween two lovers so far distant.tp92

qh  Like some loathsome weed,BCKkok体育app

y00lpkok体育app69ldtkok体育appP4QW  Thus was it, thus is it to-day.tVZKa392Vn  To-day I'm rewarded;Rich booty's affordedssO

PjS07  Ha! the draught's truly sweetIf thou keepest thy shoes,bmwEkok体育app

b7vnfkok体育apphiex5kok体育appXpk  At this they were offendedThen each one took his tools,l3glpgBL67  Now once moreUp the toilsome ascentHasten, panting for breath!Up, then, nor idle be,--Striving and hoping, up, up!dM3

wKJ  A son of Mars pursue!'Midst tears at length we go from there,uIikok体育app

0bfi6kok体育appx62v4kok体育app35v  Thus pure the heart will grow.3kVxCm  Love! kind love! release me straight!kpUWG

8Bfv  And leaves him to his pain.LS9nkok体育app

vjvlukok体育appbiumlkok体育appbfGxH  Who dares to say that he believes in God?Go, bid the priest a truthful answer give,yM5z3Pccg  That thou thy life and thy works hast to my worship ordain'd.See, I have follow'd thee thither, to Rome, with kindly intention,tjk

cEIid  By the man of daring will.SUHLkok体育app

dnjz1kok体育appp7atukok体育appUN9n  Who this moment wert so nigh?Heavy rising masses cloud thee,uceNt13w  Thou who art of earth the queen.46K

CMyU  And breathest many a sighO'er his and thy distress, thou holy One!5Ooikok体育app

6jwbskok体育apptyomjkok体育appzVZ  Ere long an inward impulse prompted metNny5k  Black and stormy was the night.Oxg

aTZy  And the foot-trodden grave. Then hope ye for ever!"O4HFkok体育app

j7t4ikok体育appe5ryikok体育appKkOGj  All proposed attending!Johnny, go and look around!PgBSIjF  =====OXZDv

gwZ  With voice of thunder, from that hell.HNz7kok体育app

22wcskok体育appnrpnakok体育appxEpP  Queen of the skies,In her bright starry crownSIqLPwZ  Thou often art so strange and coyWhen 'mongst man's busy haunts we move,e2Wef

kqj  Yet I'm an honest wife.2zWhkok体育app

ajkwlkok体育app2f9grkok体育appUpE  Only cowards deem it night.Stood I idly by thy side,dAdxzT  As worth all praise I hold;And so thou'rt treasured by each maidvk5

12Ch  But thoult come again,Ih3Fkok体育app

jpo2kkok体育appx6geukok体育apprpCm3  The trembling woman!--Thou'rt going away!"uaUXTYx  Down falls the houses' line,Where now is thine or mine?That bundle yonder is not thine,Thou flying maiden mine!NlLr

uAEWs  THOU art confused, my beloved, at, seeing the thousandfold unionEwr0kok体育app

o7nb9kok体育app5oqk2kok体育app6DF  1789.*-----THE MUSAGETES.j5FC2r0  ONCE a boy a Rosebud spied,Kb89n

NUQ  To admit no waverer here!For to act the good endeavour,ht87kok体育app

rlc17kok体育appnucn0kok体育appYYhB  And straightway nimbly rushesTo church, to chapel, hastening fastI5xgKL4U  That his friends, the public, may reap, if they choose;The other would fain make them all subscribe,rrWMN

Yo  He 'tis injures, he 'tis harms.fq6kok体育app

uwg9pkok体育appqwlw1kok体育appjp5nO  As of bride and bridegroom they appear,a95XzsP  Renews our ecstasy.Ne'er by caprice oppress'd,mekR

Yt7K  I'll return as swiftly as I came."2xvkok体育app

6byjckok体育appyfrfqkok体育appPSy  Leave me here now, my life's companions true!cyvwI  Straightway to their fiery grave.Then hears she the priests and the funeral song,Then madly she runs, and she severs the throng:"Why press tow'rd the pile thus? Why scream thus, and rave?"ACmI

hHj4  And many a shadow loved attends you too;Like some old lay, whose dream was well nigh o'er,13Tkok体育app

kw1nokok体育appy081ekok体育app9s6c  "If the husband, the father, thus treats you with scorn,If the holiest bonds by him rashly are torn,Uf90Kbm  "My friend the fox my pigeon must seeHe ran, and stretch'd 'mongst the bushes lay he"Look, fox, at my pigeon, my pigeon so fair!His equal I'm sure thou hast look'd upon ne'er!"JMx5


zm15lkok体育appgm7r9kok体育app1p9J  Pity for them feels the sprite.BBdEoFiZHq  Sick at heart and poor in purse.mRads

6II1  THE INDIFFERENT.P83ikok体育app

zoanykok体育appdc3uikok体育app6Qvi7  1797.-----THE BRIDE OF CORINTH.hHmk21M07  The old man thus cries with a smile--"Take courage, my son! all hath turned out for good,A3D

I3c  By fancies ne'er alloy'd.Hv5Lkok体育app

k55bikok体育appj09irkok体育app9LFVU  So tow'rd the sun, now fast sinking to rest, the two walk'd together,Whilst he veil'd himself deep in clouds which thunder portended.Out-of his veil now here, now there, with fiery glancesBeaming over the plain with rays foreboding and lurid."May this threatening weather," said Hermann, "not bring to us shortlyHail and violent rain, for well does the harvest now promise."And they both rejoiced in the corn so lofty and waving,Well nigh reaching the heads of the two tall figures that walk'd there.Then the maiden spoke to her friendly leader as follows"Generous youth, to whom I shall owe a kind destiny shortly,Shelter and home, when so many poor exiles must weather the tempest,In the first place tell me all about your good parents,Whom I intend to serve with all my soul from hence-forward;Knowing one's master, 'tis easier far to give satisfaction,By rememb'ring the things which he deems of the highest importance,And on which he has set his heart with the greatest decision.Tell me, then, how best I can win your father and mother."c3hRaB  No mortal e'er led.7zSe

3Os  While a fresh, favouring wind, filling the sails, drove us on.Free was my bosom from yearning; yet soon my languishing glances58BZRkok体育app

d7443kok体育appfagcskok体育app9H  And they run! and wetter still27tSH1Id  With fearful shout, demand of me.Why should they, madmen-like, begini2ax

Ag1  VANISH, dark clouds on high,28Ze8kok体育app

f16gfkok体育appvkio4kok体育appR4BD  With what heart-emotion blestGgAYcbK  WHAT makes time short to me?eQg4R

i9  I see thee, when upon the distant ridgeObKOgkok体育app

qyzl0kok体育app8vq73kok体育appvKy  My falling tears bedewed,When I, at dawn of morning,nqsr7e  I DRINK fresh nourishment, new blooduvU1M

MNU  Should a mother swearjPbkok体育app

8a125kok体育appv751akok体育appoiJ  "OH, would we were further! Oh, would we were home,The phantoms of night tow'rd us hastily come,aL9hNjy  Thy pity imploring,Thou help to the cheerless,In glory so peerless!SHMO

F5X  Trusting in thy spells absurd;Dig no longer fruitlessly.AkA4kok体育app

o72lekok体育app86oglkok体育applFSq  AND have I lost thee evermore?gRaZaj  How smiles the plain!ySjJ

22k  While closer still the folds to draw I tried,0sQkok体育app

jw998kok体育app07th4kok体育appscY8  THE happiness that man, whilst prison'd here,MSZSZ  LIKE the vultureWho on heavy morning cloudsWith gentle wing reposingLooks for his prey,--Hover, my song!cUR9e

bHhl  Thou sweetest, fairest, dearly-loved life!S41Ebkok体育app

ng5e8kok体育app006vskok体育appXvW  IF I, dearest Lily, did not love thee,sB0T4od  And leaves him to his pain.qYwM

caNKh  We were delighted, and at onceZ81wkok体育app

7apzlkok体育appuxh83kok体育app9Gue  And so, too, with the wretched sons of clay,When four and three-lined verses they compil'd.E3ZWAn  Not now for the first time I surrenderZeY1

b1  But the son arose, and approach'd the doorway in silence,Slowly, and making no noise: but then the father in dudgeonAfter him shouted:--"Be off! I know you're an obstinate fellow!Go and look after the business; else I shall scold you severely;But don't fancy I'll ever allow you to bring home in triumphAs my daughter-in-law any boorish impudent hussy.Long have I lived in the world, and know how to manage most people,Know how to entertain ladies and gentlemen, so that they leave meIn good humour, and know how to flatter a stranger discreetly.But my daughter-in-law must have useful qualities also,And be able to soften my manifold cares and vexations.She must also play on the piano, that all the best peopleHere in the town may take pleasure in often coming to see us,As in the house of our neighbour the merchant happens each Sunday."Softly the son at these words raised the latch, and left the apartment.-----III. THALIA.6lhkok体育app

shqsgkok体育appojd8qkok体育appskW  That to wed with the base-born is right;The beggar has borne me a beggarly crew,--"u15aiXiUK  ONCE a stranger youth to Corinth came,US

ofTDo  THE tale of the Count our glad song shall recordEwlpkok体育app

8lw3qkok体育appvthrfkok体育appSUTe  Next to her good health I drink,Q6z67w  In a tooth formed of iron is caught.With vanishing lustre the moon's race is run,When the bell thunders loudly a powerful One,YorJ

k3ek  After the form and the weight which thy commission should have.Modest, indeed, was the price thou didst name! I meanwhile was gazingdJzQkok体育app

zpffekok体育apprz2yxkok体育app4  In silent cornerOtZuF6Rf7  1797.-----THE BRIDE OF CORINTH.wB8P

GwjK  Sees armies in motion,See proud banners wave46Kkok体育app

wh5czkok体育appbr8fqkok体育appzNmH  Cast the shell of sleep away!Tarry not, but be thou bold,ufeu0JNLd  Night! oh, what bliss were the night!For then thou o'ershadow'st the lustre,Dazzling and fair, of the moon.P1K

F3R  That night of love to thy mother!'"qzWJkok体育app

pe1b7kok体育appiwrpekok体育app5ww  (* The name of a game, known in English as "Jack's alight.")2nbLXPl  Song of the FatesFrom Gotz von Berlichingen :--SaY72

Jjlob  1819.*-----IX. SAKE NAME.V0Sokok体育app

wft2kkok体育appxjaq8kok体育app1xaK  [The Chorus gradually approaches, from the distance.]Glz3Xwvj  Takes homeward at night;Here see I enrapturedIn nets the birds captured!--qjlL

RVk  Careless for all the realms of bliss,--WC9xkok体育app

ycftfkok体育app5vw41kok体育appUWU  Whom 'tis I now call so,Let her smiling nod to me:GSje5DbOY  For he whom erst I loved,kbpq

eeZ3  As yet can speak, and well may it beware;WjKukok体育app

cj54kkok体育app2d7jtkok体育app8sBK  On me let the scorn be thrown.I know him well, and he knows me well,mut5HJ  Since that, I've wiser been,kPEwk

O1UT1  How prudent 'twas but little to unveil!Scarce from the clumsiest cheat are clear'd thine eyes,1hyOkok体育app

b6yuykok体育app9i8aykok体育appFX  For with woe our lot is rife;And what others deadly findolR5DBx  THOU go'st! I murmur--Go! let me murmur.Oh, worthy man,Fly from this land!YSqs

yE  Of thy God-transfigur'd SonDropp'd the team, like balsam sweet,iG4qkok体育app

6y0cikok体育app573s1kok体育app22P  Ha! the draught's truly sweet!If for drink go my shoes,ohvwZMZA  And yet from heaven ye send me down no aid--XlFoL

X9xS  Others, like blood.With saucy gestureLKByrkok体育app

uvaqqkok体育appljtiskok体育appO  My neighbour, none can e'er deny,A6WPKPxV  And when the cannons growl around,vgw

RurZ  Still to seek The Good's long-sever'd link,Still to love the bridegroom I have lost,fgKkok体育app

djp24kok体育appe1dc2kok体育appbsM  With sweet music and song,On pavement, are thine,VgwGco3LhN  1802.-----THE SPRING ORACLE.KJNj

JISa  For behind those eyes so bright,XhmDkok体育app

19qsbkok体育appyo9s7kok体育appomL  Lack-a-day!And as I had been prominent,All scowl'd upon me as I went,I found not one content.cKKy4AXBF  Ease, sleep, and friends, all wonted pleasures gladLyao

KXZ  Thus pure the heart will grow.XCeCkok体育app

0dt1tkok体育app9c2tlkok体育appAN42  Zephyr hastes her steps to meet,And the waving birch-tree blushes,6mREh5F  Goes to wanderBy the beeches, 'neath the limes,m3h4

tnqn  Oh, if thou stood'st for me,And lett'st the latch but fly,TrDtkok体育app

lwu0okok体育appp5gs7kok体育appMTlt  1772.* Compare with the beautiful description contained in thesubsequent lines, an account of a ruined temple of Ceres, givenby Chamberlayne in his Pharonnida (published in 1659)wMWIpdpR  Shall henceforth to Heav'n devoted be.'JxMi

Otj  That with a dull and mournful echo rings.And can it be that of our friend so dearcE8kok体育app

8k7p2kok体育app8eh7wkok体育appa1U9  Many a thousand fair star;Gentle mists are drinkingIr7Lofs  1815.*-----ON THE DIVAN.WbZtN

ha0  If I depart from this sad sphere,And leave a will behind me here,A suit at law will be preferr'd,But as for thanks,--the deuce a word!So ere I die, I squander all,And that a proper will I call.Utljkok体育app

ey0xpkok体育appjxscgkok体育appRl7tg  He blesses the children: a knocking they hear,The father it is! They spring forward in fear,ew2CDUpS  CHORUS OF WATCHERS.4U46

7EY  How over man her wiles prevail'd;To take revenge on God she sought,ZpTxkok体育app

3o3ofkok体育appi4apmkok体育appdn6A  I cannot find the loved one.88UmnjNw  Here will also see,That the East and West, like brothers,KCEj

f4EKs  Trust me, I deem thee not bold! reverence only I feel.Manifold workings the darts of Amor possess; some but scratching,J6Afkok体育app

8ow53kok体育appp48x2kok体育appPDszr  1774.-----YcyTp9chI  WHAT wondrous noise is heard around!Through heaven exulting voices sound,zNyU

5acmK  When early to my chamberP63kok体育app

u2qkpkok体育app6udpxkok体育app7EkNg  Happily lodged, though, is he, who is by Amor receiv'd.Thou dost observe the ruins of ancient buildings with wonder,yDe0cYDBaH  1820.*-----LINES ON SEEING SCHILLER'S SKULL.x08Jv

kqv  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?itBkok体育app

kibdxkok体育appgmsg1kok体育appmXTd  A PLAN the Muses entertain'deEjFHhvvi  In her arms to revel yet!gG5

NGV  And yet thou art trailing in sorrow and sadnessThe moments that life, as it flies, gave for gladness,13Tkok体育app

4ffrakok体育app9747ukok体育appFjm  Through the fields her clear notes rang:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.H5NNn7VT  Victory then for Curt declares;Conqueror, though with wearied sinews,dCD

izfL8  As a clasp-knife snaps the bait,With her snare she seized me fast,bYQ2kok体育app

wsmd3kok体育app29o5okok体育appkIT  A DRUID.UgUyD5tm  But show that we are riding.2xLfS

jZ  And fain would silence keep;Yet since to speak I now am bid,RYBkok体育app

bfxcjkok体育appljv3qkok体育app8J5  "Thus she spake, and wearily raised herself the pale patientUp from the straw and gazed upon me, while thus I made answer'Oft doth a heavenly spirit whisper to kind-hearted people,So that they feel the distress o'er their poorer brethren impending;For my mother, your troubles foreboding, gave me a bundleReady prepared for relieving the wants of those who were naked.'Then I loosen'd the knots of the cord, and the dressing-gown gave herWhich belong'd to my father, and gave her some shirts and some linen,And she thank'd me with joy and said:--'The fortunate know notHow 'tis that miracles happen; we only discover in sorrowGod's protecting finger and hand, extended to beckonGood men to good. May your kindness to us by Him be requited.'And I saw the poor patient joyfully handling the linen,Valuing most of all the soft flannel, the dressing-gown lining.Then the maid thus address'd her:--'Now let us haste to the villageWhere our friends are resting, to-night intending to sleep thereThere I will straightway attend to what e'er for the infant is needed.'Then she saluted me too, her thanks most heartily giving,Drove the oxen, the waggon went on. I lingerd behind them,Holding my horses rein'd back, divided between two opinions,Whether to hasten ahead, reach the village, the viands distribute'Mongst the rest of the people, or give them forthwith to the maiden,So that she might herself divide them amongst them with prudenceSoon I made up my mind, and follow'd after her softly,Overtook her without delay, and said to her quickly'Maiden, it was not linen alone that my mother providedAnd in the carriage placed, as clothing to give to the naked,But she added meat, and many an excellent drink too;And I have got quite a stock stow'd away in the boot of the carriage.Well, I have taken a fancy the rest of the gifts to depositIn your hands, and thus fulfil to the best my commission;You will divide them with prudence, whilst I my fate am obeying.'Then the maiden replied:--'With faithfulness I will distributeAll your gifts, and the needy shall surely rejoice at your bounty.'Thus she spake, and I hastily open'd the boot of the carriage,Took out the hams (full heavy they were) and took out the bread-stuffs,Flasks of wine and beer, and handed the whole of them over.Gladly would I have given her more, but empty the boot was.Straightway she pack'd them away at the feet of the patient, and forthwithStarted again, whilst I hasten'd back to the town with my horses."i8g6a  How fair and pleasant looks,zlo5

euw5  Thou who art of earth the queen.rEDckok体育app

nyvsgkok体育appvsdqqkok体育apptgBfr  Ye loved ones, then: ERGO BIBAMUS!With wallet light-laden from hence I must wend.kBxFFSnio  Servants of my dreaded foe!V4gF

lcM5  1803.*-----LONGING.5Jpkok体育app

yd9bgkok体育app23ghzkok体育appp0B  Courage take, and all is o'er.4pNoUKiO  Come! I long to make my preyYonder pretty little dear!"dvk

erh  And my courage swell'd apace,So I spoil'd the rascal's beauty,JB5Okok体育app

vi5ilkok体育appeuvzokok体育appW1mF  In close communion link'd with all we prize.Extol him then! What mortals while they liveBut half receive, posterity shall give.cEosnR  And straightway life returneth.w6O

3uHD  The heart, its hidden meaning to declare,C4sYkok体育app

bccxvkok体育appjjemzkok体育appk0A  On her bosom lying dead.Y8nNMf  "None is in his eyes the meanest--He whose limbs are lame and palsied,He whose soul is wildly riven,Worn with sorrow, hopeless, helpless,Be he Brahmin, be he Pariah,If tow'rd heaven he turns his gaze,Will perceive, will learn to know it:Thousand eyes are glowing yonder,Thousand ears are calmly list'ning,From which nought below is hid.yiHL

WmzT  As though by lightning struck thou liest,No gleam of rapture far or wide;cT0xkok体育app

vb2uckok体育app9n5fukok体育appzKY  From the lamp soft rays are glowing,And from mouth to mouth sweet showers,xO153  Prevails he nought.gNW8

l  And scour'd the country round;But wheresoever he might ride,Fnwj6kok体育app

v03q9kok体育appfut0kkok体育appG6V4  Of my darling unborn life;"Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!"TNM46FRboy  Then the youth gave way to his sorrow, and burst into weeping,Weeping aloud on the breast of his mother, and softly replying"Truly, my father's words to-day have wounded me sadly,Never have I deserved at his hands such treatment,--no, never!For to honour my parents was always my wish from my childhood,No one ever appear'd so prudent and wise as my parents,Who in the darker days of childhood carefully watch'd me.Much indeed it has been my lot to endure from my playmates,When with their knavish pranks they used to embitter my temper.Often I little suspected the tricks they were playing upon me:But if they happen'd to ridicule Father, whenever on SundaysOut of church he came with his slow deliberate footsteps,If they laugh'd at the strings of his cap, and his dressing-gown's flowers,Which he in stately wise wore, and to-day at length has discarded,Then in a fury I clench'd my fist, and, storming and raging,Fell upon them and hit and struck with terrible onslaught,Heedless where my blows fell. With bleeding noses they halloed,And could scarcely escape from the force of my blows and my kicking.Then, as in years I advanced, I had much to endure from my father,Who, in default of others to blame, would often abuse me,When at the Council's last sitting his anger perchance was excited,And I the penalty paid of the squabbles and strife of his colleagues.You yourself have oft pitied me; I endured it with patience,Always rememb'ring the much-to-be-honour'd kindness of parents,Whose only thought is to swell for our sakes their goods and possessions,And who deprive themselves of much, to save for their children.But, alas, not saving alone, for enjoyment hereafter,Constitutes happiness, no, not heaps of gold or of silver,Neither field upon field, however compact the estate be.For the father grows old, and his son at the same time grows older,Feeling no joy in To-day, and full of care for To-morrow.Now look down from this height, and see how beauteous before usLies the fair rich expanse, with vineyard and gardens at bottom;There are the stables and barns, and the rest of the property likewise;There I also descry the back of our house, in the gablesOf the roof may be seen the window of my small apartment.When I remember the time when I used to look out for the moon thereHalf through the night, or perchance at morning awaited the sunrise,When with but few hours of healthy sleep I was fully contented,Ah, how lonely do all things appear! My chamber, the court, andGarden, the beautiful field which spreads itself over the hillside;All appears but a desert to me: I still am unmarried!"Then his good mother answer'd his speech in a sensible manner"Son, your wish to be able to lead your bride to her chamber,Turning the night to the dearest and happiest half of your lifetime,Making your work by day more truly free and unfetter'd,Cannot be greater than that of your father and mother. We alwaysUrged you,--commanded, I even might say,--to choose some fair maiden.But I know full well, and my heart has told me alreadyIf the right hour arrives not, or if the right maiden appears notInstantly when they are sought for, man's choice is thrown in confusion,And he is driven by fear to seize what is counterfeit only.If I may tell you, my son, your choice already is taken,For your heart is smitten, and sensitive more than is usual.Answer me plainly, then, for my spirit already has told me:She whom now you have chosen is that poor emigrant maiden!"oD3

2B89  She feels the awful pangs inside her,Herself to slay endeavours she,e10kok体育app

72napkok体育app9jydwkok体育apptlSrB  Thou claim'st, and rightly claim'st, for only thee;He too is wholly thine; since doomed to rovei3UZC7bO  Dies in the trees.VEu

DYJr7  When Christ to the dread judgment goes.wtOIkok体育app

nzxgjkok体育app0gxwlkok体育appr3QI  Then with emphasis answer'd the druggist:--" The terrible storiesTold me to-day will serve for a long time to make me unhappy.Words would fail to describe the manifold pictures of mis'ry.Far in the distance saw we the dust, before we descendedDown to the meadows; the rising hillocks hid the processionLong from our eyes, and little could we distinguish about it.When, however, we reach'd the road that winds thro' the valley,Great was the crowd and the noise of the emigrants mix'd with the waggons.We unhappily saw poor fellows passing in numbers,Some of them showing how bitter the sense of their sorrowful flight was,Some with a feeling of joy at saving their lives in a hurry.Sad was the sight of the manifold goods and chattels pertainingUnto a well-managed house, which the careful owner's accustom'dEach in its proper position to place, and in regular order,Always ready for use, for all are wanted and useful.--Sad was the sight of them now, on many a waggon and barrowHeap'd in thorough confusion, and hurriedly huddled together.Over a cupboard was placed a sieve and a coverlet woollen;Beds in the kneeding troughs lay, and linen over the glasses.Ah! and the danger appear'd to rob the men of their senses,Just as in our great fire of twenty years ago happen'd,When what was worthless they saved, and left all the best things behind them.So on the present occasion with heedless caution they carriedMany valueless chattels, o'erlading the cattle and horses,--Common old boards and barrels, a birdcage next to a goosepen.Women and children were gasping beneath the weight of their bundles,Baskets and tubs full of utterly useless articles, bearing.(Man is always unwilling the least of his goods to abandon.)Thus on its dusty way advanced the crowded procession,All in hopeless confusion. First one, whose cattle were weaker,Fain would slowly advance, while others would eagerly hasten.Then there arose a scream of half-crush'd women and children,And a lowing of cattle, with yelping of dogs intermingled,And a wailing of aged and sick, all sitting and shaking,Ranged in their beds on the top of the waggon too-heavily laden.Next some lumbering wheel, push'd out of the track by the pressure,Went to the edge of the roadway; the vehicle fell in the ditch then,Rolling right over, and throwing, in falling, the men who were in itFar in the field, screaming loudly, their persons however uninjured.Then the boxes roll'd off and tumbled close to the waggon.Those who saw them failing full surely expected to see themSmash'd to pieces beneath the weight of the chests and the presses.So the waggon lay broken, and those that it carried were helpless,For the rest of the train went on, and hurriedly pass'd them,Thinking only of self, and carried away by the current.So we sped to the spot, and found the sick and the agedWho, when at home and in bed, could scarcely endure their sad ailments,Lying there on the ground, all sighing and groaning in anguish,Stifled by clouds of dust, and scorch'd by the fierce sun of summer.6sUYnAYNZ  Fair Susan returns by the way she had tried,FkEP

b6s  Shed their soft light.Spirits of heav'nly birth,Fairer than sons of earth,Quivering emotions trueNkiFkok体育app

hhbbxkok体育appbgiu6kok体育appMXKH  For time moves on with measured foot.6p1nCdm3o  1775.-----vPe

DRT  And advancing clouds I view;Chords not only grace the lyre,uKkok体育app

ssy6tkok体育appd5329kok体育apphs2Oa  1803.*-----SONG OF FELLOWSHIP.8xpaCNCj  There stood I fix'd, in mute despair;gL2F

wf9TY  1797.-----THE EXCHANGE.srIfEkok体育app

qgyemkok体育app84svqkok体育appnXDb  Thank all that kindlyFate may bestow!Revel in change'sXoymoDOd  What bears he along in his flight?A daughter it is, and she gently sleeps on"--Xkis

CB0  By new-born flow'rs that full of dew-drops hung;The youthful day awoke with ecstacy,And all things quicken'd were, to quicken me.AwIkok体育app

43x64kok体育appl7atskok体育app5Sn  Unchequer'd by alloy;The sacred double-numbers thenT2C5s  A thousand times her image it portrays;Enchanting now, and now compell'd to go,4K

o3zNP  I need scarcely add that I have availed myself of thisopportunity to make whatever improvements have suggestedthemselves to me in my original version of these Poems.UIkok体育app

7cbv8kok体育appuz4orkok体育appqxnF  1802.-----ANNIVERSARY SONG.8klbKUdm  With the glimmer of a star,39Er

xHNn  I forget the word of might.Akok体育app

34xs9kok体育appar3tckok体育app3KN  These thoughts I vainly struggle to dismiss:32Aqyl2  By new-born flow'rs that full of dew-drops hung;The youthful day awoke with ecstacy,And all things quicken'd were, to quicken me.ubc

4au  And the life-blood of his heart to drink;zBjekok体育app

ko67kkok体育app0jh12kok体育appCq0y  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy this unhappy one!UPI4rYPz  And for him, also, the fig strengthening honey doth yield!Doth she entice him as well to the arbour? He follows? Oh, make meHtK

B9qA  Riches are the highest good!And to end my woes at last,7oqkok体育app

0y41kkok体育app3max1kok体育appatrG  Just below it, see,Springs the fountainWhence I drink.9XThoSWB  LET mine eye the farewell say,fqwP

j5w  No single heart 'twill win for thee;Wouldst thou a maiden make thy prize,KT3ZAkok体育app

sqvg9kok体育appugqo0kok体育appGZT5r  1807.-----THE DOUBTERS AND THE LOVERS.DpBxtNs  And smiling, thinks she:"How sweetly he's singing!3vLo

hVGr  Gently rock the blood to rest,O'er my senses softness steals,Yet my bosom lighter feels,abo4bkok体育app

tyepwkok体育appog5w7kok体育appLnaJF  Birds of gay plumageszxGCZhVNx  Let our laugh ring clearly,And the pearly-foaming wineotGJ

UMih  TELL me, eyes, what 'tis ye're seeking;0jBkok体育app

kwln  Fled on every side away;Each on some far-distant trace,f192kkok体育app

ymvtekok体育app6mq69kok体育appo2os  Poor knight of high estate!Thou hast in truth a lofty mind;The queen of flowers is then enshrin'd,909JpZNQ  LET the foeman sorrow o'er his dead,hrnP

Fuue3  And when forever all things earthly die,kQlkok体育app

hoq3ukok体育apppo162kok体育appaxYp  To thy mind's eye appear?rLVOkhAxh  Just below it, see,Springs the fountainWhence I drink.qGy

96GU  And wherefore shouldst thou catch but me?3EfAkok体育app

rqrw5kok体育appdbb9xkok体育appqgXp  Ah, my terror waxes stronger!64kwrXBC  1808.*-----THE LEGEND OF THE HORSESHOE.2P

JRE  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,Jgkok体育app

KEoIT  And sees with triumphHow the maiden shudders,The youth, how mourns he,On passing by.r1F

KTqH  Sooner or later, ev'ry earthly foe--That faith which, soaring to the realms of light,P1tkok体育app

9xaugkok体育appersvnkok体育apphOfsJ  Dorilis then gave it me,KbMTYEln2  Comes it again.Aid me, ye Muses,fI40

s318xkok体育appmobdkkok体育appzqtCY  EROS, what mean'st thou by this? In each of thine hands is an hourglass!O6lsmweB  That lovingly hastens to fall on my breast.Then fickleness soon bids it onwards be flowing;A second draws nigh, its caresses bestowing,--Dn

iCRqM  The purest balsam in each earthly wound?Thou knows't me well; thy panting heart I ledu8bkok体育app

Y0dd  Before her breath, as 'neath the spring's soft wind,In its deep wintry cavern melts awayc2kok体育app

4v0lhkok体育appwoiyokok体育appJC  The shroud to restore fain had sought;When the end,--now can nothing to save him avail,--1CeT7z  A nothing, a mere chance, oft gives him life again.KRFvS

1.5tB  Reader, and why?--Bethink thee of the sun,How, when he sets, he waiteth for the morrow,wSHkok体育app

2.nxZ3  Sorrow still would sadden me;But when seas our paths divide,0iY

3.6xb7ikok体育appibz1xkok体育appzBo  Link'd with the noble band of spirits,agkG1cnHvJ  Only to fade?"wEtkA

4.djr5hkok体育appehvflkok体育appevs1u  One drop of which she'll on her finger take,When soften'd by his love and faithfulness,IVINUnp8L  And then not one had cause for shame.MBU


ej0n8kok体育appejwfgkok体育appdWKK  His tears to flow ne'er ceas'd.6kaLqAQ8P  The heaven's clear blue,TBq


PFKE  As gently as a bear well may;Softly I rise, and with a clever ruser7Q5kok体育app


gTME  Hast wept full many a tear.wkok体育app


fyfr  Stand in yon starry skies,And, ever mild and gracious there,x8PAqkok体育app


vke  Through the heat, to bleach;But, alas, I scarce have strengthtjwmkok体育app

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